1 Easy Way to Lose All of Your Business

I have worked a fair amount in North Carolina. Two of my earliest customers are from NC, and as my home state, I like to keep in touch with the goings on there. And as with all of my customers in different places, I like to stay up-to-date on the ethics codes.

Advertising for lawyers is about halfway between regular advertising, and advertising for a political campaign. While we have freedom to play with ideas and try out risky ad concepts, we have many more constraints to follow.

Here’s a story from the ABA Journal from February 27 about a lawyer in NC who didn’t follow the rules.

The moral of the story?

1. Play by Google’s rules. They weren’t involved here, but losing your web traffic (whether because of SEO violations or PPC violations) is going to give you some pretty lean months.

2. Don’t screw around with your state’s ethics code. You could get censured, or worse.

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