My Adwords Wrapper, Resources page, and Scripts Library

Today is launch day! I’m launching a couple of things today, and I want to share them with you (and hopefully all of your friends and everyone you know). A couple of things have moved around on my site, too, so take a moment to check out the new menu bar at the top.

1 My new resources page

This is a huge list of tools that I set up for lawyers and tools I use personally. I really like everything on the list, and I wanted to make a one-stop page where you can see everything that I use.

You can access it here, or in the menu bar at the top of my site.

The page has links to a lot of tools I use, and some tools I’ve developed. It’s not entirely complete yet, but I’ve got a ton of useful stuff and a few affiliate links (quid pro quo, everybody) so I thought I’d go ahead and launch it.

2. My Adwords Wrapper

I’ve written out a small Adwords Keyword Wrapper, and I’m making this one live today as well.

You can access it here, or in the menu under Resources.

3. My Adwords Scripts Library

This is the least complete of the 3 launches, but there will be more coming very soon. As soon as I figure out the best way to share them with you, there are going to be a handful of Adwords Scripts that you can use to automate, report, and generally do cool things with your Adwords account(s). When everything is live there, I will update the blog and my Twitter account so that you get a notice.

Check it out here, or in the menu under Resources.