I’m not ready to start advertising

“I don’t think I have enough content on my site”

“I’ve been burned before, and this is expensive”

“It’s too expensive for me right now”

It’s a difficult cliff to jump off of. Advertising is scary because

– It puts your name out there for people to scrutinize

= It’s time consuming (even if you have someone managing it for you

– It’s expensive

Most advertising success stories don’t sound like “we spent $5000 and we got $50,000 in income the next week.” They sound like “We spent $2,500/month for 2 months, we broke even at 3-4 weeks, and we started to get 2-3x ROI in about 2 months,” or slightly less. But most advertising companies will tell you the first story, because it’s happened to their clients before. But the vast majority follow the second story line.

But you know you need to be advertising. So, what can you do to minimize your risk, cost, time, etc?

1. Start tracking your website

Just keep track of everything. Set up Google Analytics, use apps like SumoMe (available on my Resources page).┬áKeeping track of website stats is just like keeping track of your weight; you use the data to know what you’re doing that works, what doesn’t, and how far you have to go until you hit your traffic or engagement goals.

2. Get into a content publishing rhythm.

This is probably the hardest thing for me, and it’s probably not easy for you. If you have to push 5 new posts each week, it can be tough to find the time to get them down on paper, let alone come up with 5 ideas each week. Build up a buffer of posts (2 weeks usually work), and then start to get into a rhythm.

3. Start remarketing.

Using Facebook or Google, set up remarketing. Put the codes on your site, write a little bit of text, and push some ads to people who have visited your site. If you’re just starting paid advertising, this is the least painful for your wallet. It’s significantly less time consuming than other forms of advertising (testing takes much longer, and results can be much less extreme), and the audience you’re advertising to doesn’t take any work. It’s just a piece of code on your site.

If you’re wondering about remarketing, check out my free whitepaper, The 5 Page Guide to Remarketing, here.

Take the leap. Dip your toe in. Online marketing is a huge source, and you need to tap in.