Define Your Marketing Goals

Online marketing is fantastic. It’s cheaper, faster, more flexible. It often makes you much more money than offline marketing formats. And the data you get back from online marketing is incredible. We can see who did what, when they did it, and often why they did it. You’d be blown away by the user data we get back from website visitors on our divorce sites, and really the user data I have about you.

A lot of the data is dealt with automatically. Clicks, impressions, session duration and user flow. We can see a lot of what’s going on. But we’re missing a huge factor.

Conversions. You have to, have to, have to have conversion tracking set up. Whether you’re tracking them from an Adwords campaign and you need conversion tracking there, or you need Analytics tracking (check the link above).

It’s a critical part of your marketing.

It’s also important to have your overall marketing goals defined. What’s valuable to you? Email signups, e-book downloads, phone calls? We can track all of these through Google now (as well as the plethora of 3rd party tracking options).

Whatever point you’re at in your marketing strategy, it’s important to define these conversion goals, and to know how they affect your offline conversions and your overall revenue.

Define marketing goals. Make money. Buy a jet. Smile.
Define marketing goals. Make money. Buy a jet. Smile.