6 Advertising Action Items

For family lawyers, January is probably one of your biggest (if not the biggest) money months. The clients flow freely, and things are good. But you’re probably not getting everything out of January that you could be. So, I’ve got 10 quick action items you can do today, that will help you out in January.

These will help you out the rest of the year, but they’re pretty critical for the first 90 days of the year as well.

1. ADWORDS EXTENSIONS – Having location, call, and sitelink extensions in place in your accounts crucial. They increase the visibility of your ads, make them more clickable, and give users more information right on the SERP. Check this link out for more information on setting up extensions.

2. GOOGLE PLUS – If you don’t have G+ set up by now, I don’t know what to tell you. You need Google+. It makes you visible in Google Maps searches, improves local rankings, and some other small things. You can claim and edit pages here.

3. FACEBOOK PAGE – Make sure your Facebook page is complete. More and more, people use Facebook to verify and locate businesses. It’s incredibly valuable, not only for the SEO boost it can give you,  but for the connection with potential clients. Check out how to get set up here.

5. WRITE A BOOK – You don’t actually have to write a full, printed book to do this. And in fact, you don’t have to write anything new. If you’re like a lot of lawyers, compile your blog posts or articles! Put them together, label the chapters and make any continuity edits, and pay a designer a couple hundred $$ to design a cover (check Elance or Envato Studio, and you’ve got a book. You can use this as a free giveaway on your site, or you can sell it. Check out this guide to publishing on Kindle from Copyblogger.

6. GET ON TWITTER – If you’re not tweeting regularly, you need to be. It can build industry recognition amongst your peers, and it’s another step to prove your expertise to potential clients. Tweet your own blog posts, other people’s blog posts, or just things you find interesting. I use Buffer to deal with scheduling posts (and finding some new content). You can view that in action here.

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing some strategies for getting ready for the post-holiday boom (for family lawyers, it’s big). Stay tuned.