Take a Vacation from Blogging

From now until early December, I will be taking a blogging hiatus. I’m probably not going to post anything on this site.

However, I’m still going to keep the writing muscle sharp. I’ll write some posts each week, and work on building up my blogging buffer. I’ve just about used up my buffer of posts in the last 3 months, and I need a new set (15-20 posts), that I can push out when I don’t have anything written for this blog.

In the meantime, I’ll focus on some other marketing projects for myself, and I’ll let my writing-brain reset a little bit. I’ve still got normal PPC management to attend to, so that will keep my plenty busy.

So why write about this?

You should do this too. If you feel rushed to get blog posts up on your site, or you’re uninspired to write on your blog, take a break. You can take a week or two, or take a full 3 like me. Take some time over the Thanksgiving holiday to reset, and get back to it in December. You’ll want fresh content on your site for the January rush.

In the mean time, take a break and watch a video of Mr. Bean driving a reasonably priced car.