Maximizing Adwords Extensions – Part 2

In my last post, I covered the different types of Adwords extensions Google offers. You can check those out here.

Now, I’ll cover how to set up extensions in your Adwords account. I’ll be covering sitelink extensions specifically, but most extensions are very similar in terms of setup.

Campaign vs Ad Group Extensions

Depending on the type of extension you’re setting up, you’ll need to decide if you want it at the campaign level (meaning all ads in all ad groups within your campaign will show the extensions ) or ad group level (meaning only the ads in a specified ad group will show the extension).

For most of the extension types we use, I leave them at the campaign level. Call and location extensions usually stay the same regardless of the content of the ad, so we can leave these at the campaign level and still have different content within the ad groups.

Sitelink extensions, however, are often served well at the ad group level. For campaigns that tackle a couple of different keyword groups (for instance child support vs alimony) you may want to move the extensions to the ad group level.


Once you’ve chosen at what level you want the extensions, you’ll want to get a few sitelinks you want to use.

We’re going to set up ad group level sitelinks for an ad group covering chid custody. You’ll get to set up a few links (set up 4 of these to start with). For this example our link will be –

– – if you’ve got a “Getting Started” page on your site, these are great sitelink extensions. You can put a very direct call to action on the search page and get people engaged immediately. Even if the call to action in your ad text didn’t catch the user, this is your second chance.


Now, we’ll navigate to the ad group we want to use (campaign > ad group), and select the “Ad Extensions” tab.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 14.14.48

On the upper left hand side, make sure you’ve got “View: Sitelinks Extensions” selected, and then click the + Extension tab lower down the page.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 14.16.07

You’ll be prompted with a menu to select sitelinks for your ad group. If you’ve already created some sitelinks, these will appear here.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 14.21.07


Click on the + New Sitelink button near the bottom, and you’ll get a popup like the one below.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 14.24.20


Now you can fill out the information for the sitelinks. You get a few characters for the headline, and a few characters for the description. The Final URL won’t show in the ad, so it’s not a problem to have a long or not so pretty URL here. I generally don’t schedule sitelinks or use separate links for mobile ads, so we’ll skip those features for now. If you’re running time-limited sitelink extensions (perhaps for an offer that ends at the end of the month), you can set your extensions to start/stop at certain times.

When you’re ready, you can hit save here. This will close the popup and take you back to the previous screen.

Screenshot 2016-04-30 14.29.09


When your sitelink is done, it’ll show in the “Selected sitelinks” column, and will be ready to save. The 2 small arrows next to the sitelinks allow you to select or deselect sitelinks. When you select the sitelinks you want (you’ll need to select 4), you can then click save and they’ll be ready to show alongside your ads!