The 3 Things Your PPC Campaign is Missing in 2017

In 2014 I wrote this post about a couple of things I had noticed most lawyers were missing in their online advertising campaigns (both Facebook and Adwords). Some of this has changed, but there will always be something that lawyers really should be on top of but aren’t.

1. Remarketing
This is really a no-brainer, and not enough people are doing it. If you’re in family law, you’re relegated to Facebook for your remarketing, but Google is still a great platform for remarketing in many other practice areas. Both platforms offer very low prices for remarketing, as well as algorithms for┬áserving ads to “lookalike audiences.”

2. Ad Extensions
Again, Adwords Ad Extensions seem to be overlooked way too often. They’re extra space on the page, and they actually offer info that users want to see. I’ve written a couple posts on maximizing Adwords Ad Extensions, so I won’t go in to too much detail, but it’s 2017 and everyone should have extensions set up.

3. Conversion tracking
This was actually number 1 back in 2014, and it’s still on the list today. In 2017, however, the issue is more about having a well defined conversion funnel than it is about having conversion tracking installed. Lawyers have come a long way with online ads, and most accounts I run into these days do have conversion tracking set up in some form. However, it’s usually inactive or set up for something that has no relevance to the business.

Coming up with a specific conversion that has relevance to your business (email subscribers, phone calls, CRM signups, etc) is crucial in determining ROI for any advertising campaign.

Because it’s 2017, I’ll go ahead and add on a 4th item that most people really need to be doing…

4. Test more than one ad AT ALL TIMES!
I’m not really sure how this is something I run into with such frequency, but you really need to always be running multiple ads. There’s no one in this business who can predict what the market will react to, and even if they could, the online advertising landscape changes rapidly. It’s absolutely critical that you A/B test your ads (for a Google campaign I start with 4 ads per ad group, with Facebook I start with 3 ads per group)

Of course, there are more things that can help your advertising campaigns. If you’re interested in finding out more (or just getting a $100 coupon for your new Adwords campaign), shoot me an email (Toby at