Join the Rosen Advertising group and work closely with me, Toby Rosen.

I specialize in online attorney marketing, and PPC management for family law practices. 

As a media specialist at the Rosen Law Firm, I got a good look at how a law firm runs, and more importantly, how a divorce firm runs. Between interaction with clients and curating forums and materials for our firm, I started developing an image of an ideal client for family law firms like yours.

Since becoming a PPC manager and focusing on online advertising, I’ve not only gained professional ad certifications from Bing and become a Google Ads Certified Partner, but I’ve worked on developing a personalized PPC marketing system that we can quickly and easily implement to help quick start your business.

Find out how you can get ahead of your competition. Send me an email or call me at 919-349-3967. You can also fill out the form on the contact page.

The Advantage

Because we work exclusively with family law firms, and because we never work with more than one client per geographic market, we can share what we know. If we learn something from someone’s campaign, you learn it too. If someone decides to test out a new program or a new service, you’re the first one to find out if it works or not.

The Market

Rosen Advertising is different. For family law specialists, we’re as good as it gets. We’ve worked on the media side of family law, and we cater specifically to family law practices. We know your market, and we use our previous knowledge, and the research gained from firms in other markets to help you get the most from your marketing investment.

The Approach

Traditional PPC firms don’t appropriately address the “after-the-click” process. Turning a lead into a client is the most important part of legal advertising, but bigger advertising companies often forget that lawyers often don’t have systems for converting leads into clients. That’s where we come in. Our systems take a lead from when they click on Google, all the way to where they pick up the phone to call you.

Rosen Advertising specializes in online marketing for family law firms. We’ll help to build your online presence, bring in more e-book downloads, e-mail list sign ups, and more calls for your firm. We’ll work with your advertising accounts, or set up brand new ones for you. Even if you don’t have an e-mail list or an e-book, we can assist you with getting those set up, so you can maximize your advertising potential.

We are a Google Partner and Bing Ads Certified, so you can trust that with us, you’ll receive excellent service.

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Find out how you can get ahead of your competition. Send me an email or call me at 919-349-3967.