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What We Do

We specialize in online marketing for family law firms. We’ll help to build your online presence, bring in more e-book downloads, e-mail sign ups and phone calls for your firm. We’ll work with your advertising accounts, so the data is 100% transparent, and you never lose your progress.

Toby Rosen


Be a part of the Rosen Advertising group and work closely with me, Toby Rosen. I specialize in online attorney marketing, and marketing management for family law practices.

Since 2012 I’ve worked with law firms to help ramp up their marketing efforts, fix issues with existing marketing, and maintain those campaigns. I have certifications with Google, Bing and Hubspot, but we utilize dozens of different platforms every day to provide efficient, high-return marketing services to law firms.

Why us?

You’ve heard the law firm marketing agency pitch a hundred times — why is Rosen Advertising different?

The Advantage

With a focus on family law, and as a result of our location exclusivity policy, we can share what we know between clients. This gives us a leg up on launching new campaigns and strategies for our firms, and allows us to test more often than on a single firm’s budget.

The Market

Family law is different. Clients have different needs, emotions, and a wider range of personas than in many areas of law, and it’s unfair to expect every marketer to understand every single practice area. By streamlining our focus, we can create cutting-edge solutions for the specific marketing challenges family law firms face.

The Approach

Too often, legal marketers don’t address the interactions that need to happen between when someone clicks on an ad, and when they actually become your client. For family law, this process is almost never quick or easy — these clients often aren’t ready to engage you right away. We’ll help your firm implement end-to-end tracking so you know where every single one of your marketing dollars goes.

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