Adwords Scripts is a powerful API access tool for Adwords, and if you’re not using it for something (even if it’s just a broken link checker), you’re missing out.

Here’s my list of Adwords scripts, and a few resources for finding new things at the end.

Broken Link Checker –¬†Github coming soon!

Adwords Scripts = If you’ve ever played around with Adwords Scripts, you’ve found this link before. The Google Developer

AWQL – The Adwords Query Language is like SQL, but designed for Adwords and the Adwords API. If you’re writing your own scripts, it’s really useful to take a look here. You’ll find a lot of things that will save you time while scripting.

Free Adwords Scripts – Russell Savage is building a very comprehensive database of scripts over at Free Adwords Scripts. There’s a lot of really useful stuff, a lot of API access tools for other services, and some really complex things. He’s digging into some really cool stuff and it covers a lot of things the Adwords library doesn’t cover.

Optmyzr – They have a great library of scripts, though a lot of them are behind their premium paywall. They do offer a few for free, and looking over the premium stuff is a great way to get ideas for new scripts.