Facebook ads are the "last untapped legal market"

Lawyers aren't on Facebook Ads yet, and those who are don't know how to use it effectively.

Mismanagement of internet advertising can be costly and time-consuming.

Facebook Advertising consistently brings in customers at a cheaper cost/conversion

Facebook Ads doesn't require expensive and time-consuming graphics


It includes:

  1. A Full Analysis of Your Online Advertising Accounts
    We'll dig into your online advertising efforts to find out what's really working, and what isn't. We can also go through accounts other than Facebook to check on which parts for your online advertising are producing phone calls and clie
  2. A Full Report and Action Items for Your Advertising Accounts
    We'll send you notes about how to make the changes we've discussed, even if you're not going to work with us in the future. If there were any changes we couldn't address for you, we'll find someone to help you.
  3. No Obligation, No Contract
    If you're not ready to work with us, we won't charge you any unexpected fees. If you decide to work with us and boost your advertising, we don't have any contracts, and you're free to terminate your service at any time.

Work With Toby Rosen

As a media specialist at the Rosen Law Firm, I got a good look at how a law firm runs, and more importantly, how a divorce firm runs. That experience has helped develop an image of the ideal divorce client.

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