Google Adwords Innovation Keynote

Yesterday morning was the Google Adwords & Analytics Keynote. Google announced some big new changes to Adwords and Analytics, and here I’ll cover the ones that are most likely to affect you in the legal advertising space.

1. More ad text

This is a big one. Google Adwords is giving us 5 more characters in the headline (for a total of 30 characters) and 10 more characters in the description (for a total of 80 characters). 5 and 10 characters on their own may not seem particularly impressive, but do recall that there’s quite a number of 5 letter words we can use here (legal, ebook, guide, to name a few). Additionally, “call us!” and “contact us” clock in at  8 and 10 characters respectively. I think you can see where I’m going with that one.

2. Bid adjustments by device type

Google has been reporting since last year that more than half of their trillion-plus annual searches come from mobile device. Following the keynote, they’ll be rolling out platform changes to allow users to adjust bids for desktop, mobile, and tablet separately. This will allow us as advertisers to focus more on mobile, and to have more flexibility when it comes to bidding.

3. Location extensions expansion

Location extensions are getting an upgrade. Not only will there now be “Promoted Pins” on Google Maps, but Google says their bringing more changes to location extensions to make them better.

4. Demographics for search ads

Google is adding more demographic targeting for search ads. Previously available only for the display network, we’ll now be able to target users based on their demographics in conjunction with their search terms. It’s not hard to see the potential to help maximize ROI within search campaigns by using demographic targeting.

5. Overhaul of Adwords design

While not really related to the performance of our ads, Google is rolling out some new site designs for Adwords starting this week. SearchEngineLand has provided us a couple sneak peeks of this new design, (here and here) and while it’s nothing revolutionary, the Adwords interface hasn’t seen a major redesign in almost a decade. I’m sure this reboot will help us take advantage of some of their new features and maybe even help us find some features that had been buried.

You can check out a more detailed list of Google’s announcements here and at Mockingbird.

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