Get reviews from clients
when they’re happy.

The Marketing Intelligence Suite taps into your existing marketing tools and helps pinpoint the right times to remind your clients to leave reviews for your firm.

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He lost custody of his kids. Then he got the bill.

Almost every firm has a terrible review or two, and most will tell you it’s unavoidable in this line of work. That’s not true. With all the data we already have on our clients, it should be easy to figure out when not to ask for a review, right? But figuring out the right time to ask for a review requires some digging.

Let’s do something with all that data.

The Marketing Intelligence Suite taps your existing systems, from marketing to email automation, and generates actionable data on your clients. Keep your clients happy and engaged throughout the legal process, and send review reminders at the right times.

Save time with automated reminders for meetings and reviews, and set up triggers to automatically engage clients when they’re in the mood
Get to know your clients better than ever before, and turn the all the data you gather into actionable marketing insights
Boost your reputation online and offline. Get more positive reviews from clients, and show people who’s really the best in town
Get aggregated marketing reports that give you a view of the big picture, and provide valuable insight for executive decisions
Never get another bad review. Stop guessing at the right time to ask for a review, and start getting reviews from happy clients
Whether you need help with MIS setup, or need to get a broader marketing system built, we’ve got the resources to support your team

Stop getting bad reviews and start building your reputation.

I have read and agree to the terms and conditions