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Name: Elaine Pofeldt

Category: Business and Finance 

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I write a Q&A column on small business and credit. I am looking
for an attorney who can help me address this question from a

I had a commercial vehicle loan soley for my LLc business. I am
not a cosigner for the loan…… business was very slow and
eventually stopped….. Now I have a collection agency
threatening to damage my personal credit, but they don’t have my
Social Security number (I never gave it to them nor did I had to
provide it for the business loan)…. I understand the rules of
an LLC corporation protects me from my business liabilities, so
if i volunteer to work out some payment arrangements with the
collection agency, will I be also agreeing to be liable for the
debt as if I had provided my social security number before
getting the loan? Also since the vehicle lien is with the
original bank’s name, is it correct to believe that the
collection agency can not provide me with a pink slip for the
vehicle title–after all agreed payments are made?

I am looking for an attorney to address this. I don’t know the
state in which this reader lives or does business.

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