You Shouldn’t Work on PPC Every Day

If you’re a PPC manager, or someone who works with lots of advertising dollars ($10k/month or more) or multiple accounts, this probably isn’t for you. The best example of who this is for, is a small practice or solo spending $2k-4k per month in Adwords.

You shouldn’t work on PPC every day. You should really only be looking at your PPC account 2-3 times a week, maybe 4 if it’s just a quick peek. Really, you should spend an hour on Monday and Thursday making tweaks, and an hour on Saturday night reviewing the data.

Here’s why. Adwords requires lots of data to function effectively. Apart from your quality scores, which can be damaged by constant keyword and ad turnover, you need to leave your ads for a week or two at a time to see how they perform. You can’t base your decisions about how effective an ad is or isn’t if it has barely seen the light of day.

That’s why I recommend leaving a new ad up for at least a week, and maybe even longer if you’re operating on a smaller budget. There’s no hard and fast rule for this, it’s largely a judgement call. The problem I see with attorneys making this call is that they find it difficult in this situation to separate themselves from the issue at hand. It’s a tough thing to see your dollars flying out of your pocket and not constantly be working and editing.

So, here’s my warning. WAIT! Wait a week to see how your ad does. You’re bound to lose more money by constantly writing new ads and never seeing how they perform (not to mention the time cost of thinking up new ad slogans, checking if they fit, etc). Just hang on for a week before you trash that new ad campaign you came up with. Even Coke Zero had it’s advertising hiccups.

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