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Take control of your data, get insights about your clients, and tell them what they want to hear.
This is a new age for law firm marketing.


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What do we do?

Rosen Advertising specializes in online marketing for law firms. Marketing doesn’t end when a client walks in the door, so we help nurture your clients from the first click to the last invoice.

Paid Advertising Strategy

Target in-market searchers on Google & Bing, or generate brand awareness and capture leads on Facebook. Years of data on markets across the US inform decisions, and new tests are run frequently.

Local SEO Optimization

Dominate searches including local terms, and mobile searches in close proximity to your business. Back your reputation up with online reviews and client praise. 

Organic Traffic Generation

Make improvements to site structure and prepare for voice search and Web 3.0, generate new content, drive traffic from off-site, or simply keep track of in-house content creation. 

Automated Email Marketing

Deliver content to prospective leads, and leverage software to nurture clients through the entire customer lifecycle. 

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  • Desktop

Take control of your data, and understand what it means

No one understands your clients better than you, and without ownership and good idea of what your data means, you can’t make big decisions about the direction of your business.

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