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This is a new age for legal marketing.We specialize in consulting, automation, and software development for the legal universe.

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Tools we use to help our clients maximize their business

ResourceTypeWhat does it do?
1PasswordTime ManagementPassword manager
ActiveCampaignEmail MarketingAutomate client interaction
BackblazeTime ManagementAutomatic backups
BrightLocalLocal SEOAwesome SEO Software
CalendlyTime ManagementScheduling
CallRailMarketingTrack incoming calls
DropboxTime ManagementFile storage & sharing
LeadpagesMarketingCreate stunning landing pages
LoomTime ManagementRecord screenshare videos
OptinMonsterMarketingPowerful popups
QuickbooksAccountingGeneral accounting software
SERankingMarketingSimple SEO tracking
SetAppTime ManagementNetflix for Mac apps
WhatConvertsMarketingComplete marketing tracking
WPEngineMarketingSimple Wordpress hosting

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What We Do

Let's take your firm's marketing to the next level

Marketing Automation

Take back your time and
increase your bottom line.
Implement automations that improve client experience, reduce back-office hours, and increase intake capacity.

Website Management

Stop hobbling together website management services and bouncing between support agents.Pay one bill, and speak with one provider.
We'll help you put your website on autopilot.

Local SEO

Your clients are looking for you online,
but they can't find you.
We'll help you complete your online presence so you rank higher in local searches, and generate more leads.

Paid Advertising & Consulting

Need a helping hand on a campaign, or a top-down view of your firm's marketing?From troubleshooting critical errors to your own outsourced CMO, we've got you covered.

But why should you work with us?

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Why Rosen Advertising?

We specialize in online marketing for law firms. From automation to Youtube, we help firms improve client experience, generate more leads, and scale their practices.

Over the past decade, we've focused on marketing primarily for family law firms. We've also maintained a market exclusivity policy for clients that allows us to share what we know between clients to scale your marketing faster, and so we can't go and work for your competitors.Family law is different. Clients have different needs, emotions, and a wider range of personas than in many areas of law, and it’s unfair to expect every marketer to understand every single practice area. By streamlining our focus, we can create cutting-edge solutions for the specific marketing challenges family law firms face.

You'll work directly with me, Toby Rosen, and we'll work together to take your marketing to a new level.Since 2012 I’ve worked with law firms to help ramp up their marketing efforts, fix issues with existing marketing, and maintain those campaigns.

So what's the game plan?

Too often, legal marketers don’t address the interactions that need to happen between when someone clicks on an ad, and when they actually become your client. For many types of legal clients, this process is almost never quick or easy — these clients often aren’t ready to engage you right away.We'll help you develop the right systems to generate more leads, nurture potential clients, and start really systemizing your marketing. Let's take your marketing to the next level.

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