Toby Rosen
As founder of Rosen Advertising, Toby has been managing legal marketing campaigns since 2012

How to Set Up
Facebook Remarketing for WordPress

You’ve probably heard of remarketing, and while you may not be currently running remarketing campaigns for your firm, you have definitely experienced it. 

Remarketing is basically what it sounds like - re-marketing. There are an endless number of ways to format your ads, but remarketing is ads that are shown to people who have already been marketed to. What this means for online marketing is ads that are shown to people who have already visited your website. Advertising services use a small snippet of code that talks to a cookie installed in a user’s browser that tells the advertising service which sites the user visits. The advertising network (i.e. Google, Facebook) uses the data they gather from these pixels for several things, but allowing advertisers to target users that have already visited their sites is arguably the most valuable.

One of the most common examples of remarketing is with ecommerce websites like Amazon. Amazon runs ads on all the major advertising networks, and you’ve probably seen ads for things you just looked at on Amazon. Amazon actually takes things one step further, and delivers tailored emails to clients based on their purchase and browsing history — these tactics have been instrumental in Amazon’s growth and branding.

For law firms, things are often less aggressive and, by nature, less specific. While we do have access to all of the tools the ecommerce companies have, law firm clients are more likely to criss-cross practice areas while browsing your website, and this makes it difficult to deliver content (rather than product recommendations) that meet the needs of the users. As automation and artificial intelligence are developed further, this will become easier and more accessible.

Right now, the name of the game for law firm remarketing is branding. Branding has normally been pretty hit-or-miss in most markets, but with online advertising we can eliminate the broad targeting of traditional media.

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