Between my personal marketing and the marketing I do for attorneys, I use a lot of tools. Some of these are going to be useful to you at different stages, but for those practicing family law in the 21st century (that’s you), these will help you stay on the cutting edge.

I personally use or have clients using all of these tools. Some of them are referral links, which, at no cost to you, can give me a little bonus (like a free GB of storage on Dropbox).

My Google Adwords Keyword Wrapper – I developed this little app myself, and I use it locally on my computer to deal with keyword lists, and I’ve finally made it public. It’s time consuming to wrap long lists of keywords in brackets or quotes, so this tool will do it for you. It will also let you wrap keywords in the different match types simultaneously.

My Adwords Scripts Library – I’m a huge fan of Adwords Scripts (both MCC and account level), and use them whenever possible. Here’s my library of scripts I like, scripts I’ve written or modified, and some more resources for finding new scripts. Unfortunately, a lot of Adwords scripting isn’t suitable for family law practices (if you’ve got data about modifying CPC based on air temperature, I want to hear about it), but there’s a lot of interesting stuff out there, and it’s pretty exciting.

Leadpages – Leadpages is the key to high converting landing pages. It’s easy to set up, the customer service is great, and it works! We get fantastic results with Leadpages (you can see a few of them on my site here and here).

AWeber – We use AWeber for a lot of accounts. It’s easy to set up, intuitive, and it works well for email lists and autoresponders. There are tons and tons of email list competitors out there, but for the money, this is definitely my favorite.

WPEngine – We host all of our clients’ sites with WPEngine. They’re reliable, have great security and support, and you can host multiple sites within each account. Setting up with WPEngine is quick and their servers are powerful enough to scale up into 6 figures in monthly traffic.

Google Apps for Business – This one is pretty easy to figure out. I use Gmail for my email system, and I use Google Docs/Drive for some Adwords related stuff. I also use Google Voice for phone numbers.

Yoast WP SEO plugin – Because I’m not an SEO person, I can’t say a ton about this plugin. What I can say is that it’s made a big jump in my traffic numbers, it’s helped with the traffic numbers on a few of my clients’ sites, and I love that there’s a free version. If you’re using WordPress, definitely try it out. It’ll help you keep your writing on track for SEO, but it’s also doing a bunch of background stuff (again, the Analytics numbers are good, so it must be working).

Agorapulse – I currently use Agorapulse for comment moderation on Facebook. They have a bunch of other features that are probably great, but I primarily use this for comment moderation and it’s really really easy. This saves me a ton of time compared to combing through Facebook Ads previews for nasty comments.

Mailchimp – Mailchimp is a great tool for building an email list. They do also offer autoresponder services and now some Facebook ads services, but I still prefer Aweber’s interface when it comes to autoresponders. Mailchimp is awesome for your email list, and easily integrates with tons of software.

Dropbox – I use Dropbox for everything. I have a dedicated backup software (below), but I use Dropbox to store all of my photos, documents, etc. I can access them from my Macbook or phone via the mobile apps, but I can also go and download a file via the browser if I need to use a computer that isn’t mine. This link will also get you 500mb of free space, but plans get cheaper and cheaper every year.

Backblaze – Backblaze is my backup software. It’s really cheap, runs in the background of my laptop, and I can sleep at night knowing that if something goes wrong, I’ll be able to get all of my data back. If you don’t have a system for backing everything on your computer up, this is a good one.

Google Data Studio – This is my current PPC reporting software. I’ve tested out a lot of different tools for delivering client reports, but Google Data Studio is directly integrated with all your favorite Google products, and provides great visualizations for pretty much any data you plug in to it. With Google Sheets integration, you can even add data from other ad networks like Facebook or Yahoo.

Google Adwords Credit – I use Google Adwords with all of my clients for PPC. It’s not hard to see why Adwords is the best solution for PPC. Unfortunately there isn’t an affiliate link I can provide you, but if you contact me directly, I can give you a $100 credit when you spend $25 in a new Adwords account.



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